Battle Heritage South Africa

Meet Team South Africa – IMCF 2018

After a hard fought qualifiers, we are proud to announce team South Africa, who will be competing and representing South Africa in the IMCF world championship this year in Perth, Scotland 10th to 13th May 2018.

This year South Africa will be competing in the following categories:
Women 3v3
Christa Martin, Bronwen Huysamer, Vicky Kleynhans, K.C. Tunmer Freer
Men 5v5
Julian Angelozzi, Karl Smit, Josh Suttie, Hylton Kleynhans, Anton Moller
Men Sword n Shield
Hylton Kleynhans
Women Sword n Shield
Christa Martin
Men Longsword
Josh Suttie
Women Longsword
Christa Martin
Men Polearm
Anton Moller
Women Polearm
K.C. Tunmer FreerĀ 

Please join us in wishing them the best for their journey and make South Africa proud!

IMCF will be broadcasted live on youtube during the course of 10-13 May. Please follow this link:


Check out some of the photos which was taken at the qualifiers which was held at “Die voorhuis” in Magaliesburg.

Photography compliments to Jeffrey Lu