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BHSA Buhurt camp roaring success

The past weekend was a roaring success! The BHSA Buhurt camp was held at the JuggerKnights Buhurt list. We had many members of BHSA and non-affiliated fighters join the seminar from all over Gauteng and KZN in a very exciting, full day of sweating and tired bodies all over the list. It was truly an amazing experience to have all the different fighters join together and train together to share their thoughts and techniques.

Griff was the coach for the day and he had a very well planned schedule starting with warm ups, technical discussions, soft kit training, timed armour suite up and all the way through to full on buhurt training rounds. For those of you that dont know, Griff is the elected BHSA head of association. Check out BHSA if you are interested in becoming an affiliated club or if you are a Fighter that would like to become a BHSA registered fighter/member.

With less than two weeks left before the start of the IMCF in Denmark this year – All qualified fighters are working very hard to put up a great fight and show them we have what it takes! Don’t forget to stream the IMCF live, for details click here to contact the BHSA PR representative for more information. C’mon, support the south african team abroad!