Battle Heritage South Africa

BHSA National Qualifiers for IMCF 2017 Denmark

Battle Heritage South Africa, held a national tournament for Fighters to qualify for the IMCF 2017 this February. The qualifiers tournament was held at Willow Creek Animal Farm in Hillcrest KZN on the 25th of February. Each international qualifiers are held in a different location in order for all BHSA registered fighters to make the trip from around the country.

BHSA strives to ensure the best of the best qualify to represent South Africa internationally. This is a high regarded honour for the fighters as they prove their skills and capabilities in the Medieval Full Contact Sport.

The IMCF 2017 International Championship will be held in Demark on the 25th to the 28th of May.

The results were as follow:

Women’s Sword and Shield

  1. Christa Heysen Martin
  2. Stephanie Roets
  3. Vicky Kleynhans

Men’s Sword and Shield

  1. Hylton Keynhans
  2. Henry Booysen
  3. Oliver Dry

Women’s Longsword

  1. Christa Heysen Martin
  2. Vicky Kleynhans
  3. Bronwen Huysamer

Men’s Longsword

  1. Hylton Keynhans
  2. Henry Booysen
  3. Oliver Dry

Furthermore South Africa will be the first country in the world to send a Women’s Bohurt team to IMCF before sending a Men’s Bohurt team. This is an amazing and historical moment for South Africa.

The Women’s Buhurt team will be:

All the fighters proudly represent their local clubs and BHSA is proud to annouce that the fighters are from the following clubs:

The International Medieval Combat Federation, (IMCF) is a global historical full contact sport fighting revival movement, in which combatants use historically accurate reproduction medieval and early modern armour and blunted weapons to engage in competitive fights according to authentic historical tournament rules. Founded in 2013, the organisation now attracts hundred of fighters from 26 countries at various fighting competitions around the world.

Most events are open to the public and major competitions are regularly seen by tens of thousands of spectators. The league holds dozens of smaller events throughout the year as well as a world championship competition in which national teams, selected from local or regional clubs in their respective countries, assemble at a suitably historical venue to compete. These events take the character of a medieval tournament, with historical attractions and exhibits beside the competition, as well as market stalls selling historically-themed foods, goods and souvenirs. Competing teams are billeted in reproduction medieval camps and must wear authentic clothing.Somewhat unlike the medieval competition, fighting is exclusively on foot, and strict rules are enforced to ensure the safety of competitors and fairness in the competition. The fighting can be between individuals or teams of up to 16 fighters per side.