Battle Heritage South Africa

Come Fight A Knight

Real Knights, Real Steel and Real Combat

Come and join BHSA at the Fantasy Fayre on the 2nd of April held at the Moors Castle. You can choose to either fight against a real professional knight or you can fight your own friend. Don’t worry, our knights wont hit you hard (for safety reasons) but you can try and beat the heck out of them.

The Fight-A-Knight event is to raise funds to help send our fighters to international championships where they represent South Africa and show all the other countries that South Africa too, can produce world class fighters So C’mon! What are you waiting for? Come and support us.

Our Knights partake in extremely exhilarating international championships like “Battle of the Nations” and “IMCF”. These are two of the major international championships (but not limited to) where fighters demonstrate their skills in a true full contact medieval combat.

Check out Battle of the nations here

and check out IMCF here

As mentioned, the Fayre will be held at the Moors Castle. See below map for directions

See you there!!