Battle Heritage South Africa

BHSA National Qualifier Tournament, Midrand, GP – 27/28 Feb 2016


BHSA held its annual qualifying tournament on 27 and 28 February 2016 in Midrand, Gauteng. The fighters were fighting for possible attendance at the IMCF 2016 World Championships at Montemor-o-Velho in Portugal, 26 – 29 May 2016 . As one of the most well-attended BHSA events to date, the path ahead for FCMC in South Africa was plotted and many great fights were had.

End results;
Men’s Sword and Shield
1. Anton Moller
2. Hylton Kleynhans
3. Matthew James Cuthbert
4. Loki Vink
5. Dagan Gradwell

Men’s Longsword
1. Hylton Kleynhans
2. Anton Moller
3. Dagan Gradwell
4. Gabriele Ronchese
5. Matthew James Cuthbert

Men’s Polearm
unlike the other events – this was held on a knock out basis
1. Ingo Teske
2. Anton Moller
3. Hylton Kleynhans
4. Gabriele Ronchese

Ladies Sword and Shield
1. Christa Heysen Martin
2. Vicky Kleynhans

Ladies Longsword
1. Christa Heysen Martin
2. Vicky Kleynhans

National Council as of AGM held on 27 February 2016;
Head of Association: Brian Topper taking over from Ingo Teske
Men’s Captain: Hylton Kleynhans taking over from Brian Topper
Ladies’ Captain: Vicky Kleynhans taking over from Christa Heyssen Martin
Secretary: Carlo Da Rocha Amorim
Treasurer: Richard Rowland
Authenticity Officer: Anton Moller taking over from Josh Suttie
Public Relations Officer: Karl Smit

Photos can be seen here here