Battle Heritage South Africa

BHSA at IMCF World Championship, Malbork, Poland – May 2015


It was a great adventure where many friends were made and lessons learned.

The BHSA members present at the 2015 World Championship were; Head of Association Ingo Teske (Polearm events), Standing Captain Hylton Kleynhans (Longsword events), Ladies’ Captain Christa Heyssen Martin (Longsword and Polearm events), Authenticity Officer Josh Suttie (Sword and Shield events), Anton Moller (Sword and Shield events – withdrawn due to hand injury), Stephanie Roets (Sword and Shield events), Jaco Koen (support) and Pagan Anscombe (support).

At the IMCF 2015 World Championship held at Malbork Castle in Poland 30 April – 03 May 2015, all our fighters made their presence known on the lists, none more so than Christa Heyssen Martin. Christa is the first South African in the history of the full contact medieval combat sport to earn a medal for South Africa.  She has done us all proud by winning the Bronze Medal in the Polearm division, placing behind formidable combatants from New Zealand and Poland.

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